COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan

The Stavig Group of companies: North Coast Container, General Steel Drum, Myers Container, and Container Management Services are closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Our COVID-19 task force meets regularly to update our Pandemic Response Plan to ensure we safeguard the health and safety of our team members and our community while maintaining the continuity of supply and service to our valued customers.

Team Members

Protecting the health and safety is our top priority
•Risk Exposure Protocols to COVID-19 (social distancing, health awareness & assessments, enhanced sanitization)
•Communication & Training Plan for entire Team
•Facility Visitor Plan (Restricted access to all facilities)
•Restrict non-essential travel & establish remote work strategy


Being the preferred supplier
•Deemed essential and operational at all facilities
•Supply Chain Protection& Operations Disruptions Plan
•Staying close to our customers and suppliers using multiple technologies (videos, etc.)


Helping our neighbors
•Providing thought leadership to community organizations on establishing Pandemic Response Plans
•Donating products and services to local organizations
•Incident Response Plan

We are a U.S. based manufacturer, and we source our materials domestically wherever possible. Although we live in a global world, this approach has put the Stavig Group in a strong position to service our customers. We have not incurred any COVID-19 related issues in our supply chain and can source the critical raw materials necessary to operate. Across our group of companies, we service all 50 States and Canada with seven factories in four States. As such, we have a sustainable and robust business continuity plan in place, and our service to our customers has not been impacted. These factors should give you confidence in your choice to use Stavig Group’s containers.

We are committed to sharing relevant updates about our business operations.

Thank you for your continued business, support, and understanding.

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